Do you buy the healthy food with the best of intentions, but wind up so tired on the first night that you end up doing a macca's run? And then proceed to quietly beat yourself up for yet ANOTHER epic failure, as your fresh food starts to wilt in the fridge?


Are you done with seeking advice from people who have never personally experienced weight issues? You know they mean well, but when they tell you to "just stop it", their voice just joins the chorus of voices in your head that are already telling you how crap you are!


Let’s face it.  You know what you need to do to lose weight.  You don’t need another diet or exercise regimen shoved down your throat.  Where you’ve been falling down is actually STICKING to what you started!


Imagine if you could make changes that were easy, sustainable and that you could do consistently.

Imagine if it was ok to make mistakes and fall off the wagon, because instead of waiting till tomorrow or next Monday you would get back on IMMEDIATELY. 


When you learn to see this as a long term journey - instead of a quick-fix - you understand that there WILL be bumps in the road. That's natural. It's life. But when you have support to help you get your balance when you hit one of the inevitable bumps, you don't get completely derailed!


You are going to learn how to change the way you view your weight and your eating behaviour forever in my membership program…


This membership will teach you exactly:

  • How to listen to your body so that you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied

  • How to change your beliefs about your self and your body so that you can easily and effortlessly maintain a healthy weight 

  • How to consistently reconnect to what you really want so that you don’t turn to food when you’re tired, stressed, overwhelmed 

    This membership helps you change your mindset and your behaviour forever.


    The membership includes core modules that will teach you how to:


    • track your progress in ways OTHER then the scale

    • eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied

    • identify the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger

    • get clear on your commitment to your weight journey so that you take action whether your motivated or not

    • create your own set of eating guidelines - your body, your rules

    • and SO MUCH more!

    These modules will help teach you the skills to deal with problems as they arise because #reallife happens and from this membership you will develop the skills to navigate the ups and downs of the long term weight journey, so that you can have sustainable weight loss.


    Your Investment


    12 month membership: $999



    3 month membership: $349


    • Pre-recorded modules in an online membership platform

      With access to module 1 straight away

    • Live Q&A calls each month

      With replays made available if you can’t attend live or want to re-listen (and the option to ask any questions anonymously as weight can be a sensitive topic)

    • Facebook community

      A supportive and interactive FB group where you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable to.

    This membership is unique because our supportive community is really your safety net.


    If you do fall off the wagon you have somewhere to go to share what triggered it, what you actually needed in that moment, and how you can overcome it in future.  


    A place where “I had McDonalds” is not an excuse to beat yourself up or flog yourself at the gym to “make up for it” because that is roller-coaster behaviour.  


    Instead we cultivate healthy behaviours of getting curious about what happened and tuning in to your body so you can unpack what happened and learn from it.  


    12 month membership: $999



    3 month membership: $349


    "What People Are Saying"

    Loving the membership program and finally being able to ditch the diet mentality. All the other diets and programs I’ve tried have made me so obsessed with food, all I could think about is what I could eat and when, and even more so what I couldn’t eat. Now I check in to see if I’m hungry - if so I eat, if not I don’t. Such a nice way to live!!!

    Kim Horsfall

    I love this membership program the support and advice that Suzanne and the beautiful ladies bring to the group is great. I have been with this membership for 8 weeks and I have learnt that there is always someone to give you a helping hand,some encouragement, some tips and hints to fulfill your journey.

    Sue Horrocks

    The membership program has been a fantastic support to me for the last 8 weeks. I love the real, grounded, encouraging sisterhood of the group and the fact that no matter how good or bad my day I’m always feel better knowing the right help is just there for me to access. I don’t just feel better I do better. Xx

    Aj Ley

    I needed a tune up (getting back on track) and wanted to drop only a few kilos, I have enjoyed the membership as Suzanne is unlike other weight release coaches. I know the food and exercise part well enough, Suzanne gave me the mindset part (again, not the usual "go hard or go home" but rather a re-connection to my Self)(how often can you find an approach that is supportive rather than shame-based?).

    Weena Dore

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